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Guide to the Competency-Based Learning Survey for Students


Research Alliance: Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance

Principal Investigator: Sarah Ryan

Many states are beginning to move away from policies that base student advancement on credits and “seat time” toward competency-based learning policies that provide schools with the flexibility to link advancement to a student’s mastery of content. As schools and districts implement these changes, information about students’ exposure to and understanding of competency-based learning policies and practices can help identify areas of improvement for implementation and communication with students.

However, few tools exist for systematically collecting this information. In response to this need, REL Northeast & Islands worked with practitioners and researchers to develop a new survey—the Competency-Based Learning Survey for Students. Designed to be administered to students attending high schools in which competency-based learning is being implemented, the survey collects information regarding students’ beliefs about, understanding of, and exposure to key elements of competency-based learning. This report describes (1) why the survey was developed, (2) elements of competency-based learning addressed by the survey, (3) how to adapt and administer the survey, and (4) how to analyze the results. The report includes the complete survey instrument.

Guide to the Competency-Based Learning Survey for Students

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