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College Readiness Data Catalog User Guide


Research Alliance: US Virgin Islands College and Career Readiness Research Alliance

Overview: The USVI Alliance is supporting the US Virgin Islands Department of Education as it develops a college readiness indicator system. As part of this effort, REL Northeast & Islands created a data catalog to identify data elements that could be used to build the system. REL Northeast & Islands then refined the materials used for the data catalog project for other jurisdictions to use.

A data catalog matches data elements to constructs and subconstructs. It compiles information about those data elements to help identify gaps in the data that might compromise or prevent an analysis. The inventory of elements and identification of weaknesses or gaps can help agencies plan for future data collection and auditing to accomplish policy goals.

The College Readiness Data Catalog Tool below provides a spreadsheet template with college readiness constructs and subconstructs (rows) and data element characteristics (columns).

The User’s Guide can help states and districts use the tool to assess data to create their own college readiness indicator system.

View the report.

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College Readiness Data Catalog Tool (MS Excel)

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