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English Language Learner Program Survey for School Principals


Research AllianceEnglish Language Learners Research Alliance

Overview: Working closely with the English Language Learners Alliance, REL Northeast & Islands has developed a survey to gather information from principals about school English language learner programs, policies, practices, and professional development, as well as school-leader knowledge about ELLs. The survey is designed to help SEA and LEA decision-makers collect consistent data to better support the education of ELL students in districts and schools. The surveys collect data on: 1) school-level policies and practices for educating ELL students; 2) the types of professional development related to ELL education that principals have received and would like to receive; 3) principals’ familiarity with state guidelines and standards for ELL student education; and 4) principals’ beliefs about the education of ELL students.

The tool was developed in support of the research agenda of the English Language Learners Alliance, which is dedicated to improving state, district, and school collection and use of data about ELLs and to exploring programs and services that best fit ELLs’ needs. Users of the survey tool may include state departments of education and districts across the country as well as research alliances at other RELs.

View the survey here.

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Adaptable Principal Survey (MS Word)

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