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Logic Models for Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation: Workshop Toolkit


Principal Investigator: Karen Shakman

Overview: The Logic Model Workshop Toolkit is designed to help practitioners learn the purpose of logic models, the different elements of a logic model, and the appropriate steps for developing and using a logic model for program evaluation. Topics covered in the sessions include an overview of logic models, the elements of a logic model, an introduction to evaluation, uses of a logic model to develop evaluation questions and identify indicators of success, and strategies to determine the right evaluation design for your program or policy.

The toolkit, which includes an agenda, slide deck, participant workbook and facilitator’s manual, was delivered to three REL Northeast & Islands alliances: the Northeast Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance, the Urban School Improvement Alliance and the Puerto Rico Research Alliance for Dropout Prevention. The materials are designed for use by schools, districts, states, and other groups serving them.

View the toolkit.

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Logic Models for Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation Workshop Toolkit Slides (PowerPoint)

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