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Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance

The Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance provides research to support the work of seven northeastern states as they assess and enhance secondary-school initiatives designed to increase graduation rates and ensure students’ readiness for college-level work and the workforce.



Competency-Based Learning: Definitions, Policies, and Implementation

Research Alliance: Northeast College and Career Readiness Research AlliancePrincipal Investigator: Aubrey Scheopner TorresOverview: Many states in the Northeast . . .



REL Competency-Based Learning Study Finds Common Policy Elements, Needs in Northeast

Published April 16, "Competency-Based Learning: Definitions, Policies, and Implementation" is the first REL Northeast & Islands publication stemming from . . .


Dana Brown and Armando Vilaseca
NCCRA member Dana Brown (left), Principal of Malden (MA) High School, speaks with former Vermont Secretary of Education and REL-NEI Governing Board member Armando Vilaseca.

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