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Related Reference Desk Responses

Below is a list of related Reference Desk responses. Click the title to view the PDF.

Title Date
Early Childhood Dropout Jan 2017
Gifted and Talented Education Dec 2016
What are evidence based instructional practices for students with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities? Dec 2016
School Climate and Student Achievement Oct 2016
Out-of-School Suspensions and Student Achievement Oct 2016
English Proficiency Screening Assessments for ELLs Ages 3-4 Jan 2016
Culturally Responsive Practices and Student Achievement Dec 2015
Impact of Professional Development on Teacher Efficacy and English Language Learners Dec 2015
Legal Constitution of Newcomer/New Arrival Schools for ELs Nov 2015
English Language Preparation for NYSELAT and Common Core in New York State Nov 2015
Problem Based Learning for Students With Disabilities Oct 2015
Indicators for Determining Early Learning and Development Programs Oct 2015
Effective Practices and Programming for New Immigrant Populations Sep 2015
Achievement Gap Among High Poverty Students Sep 2015
Museum-Based STEM/Diversity Pipeline Programs Jul 2015
Full Day Kindergarten Apr 2015
Cooperative Learning for English Language Learners Feb 2015
ELL Literacy Benchmarks/Models for Teaching Literacy to ELLs/English Literacy Assessments Jul 2014
Effects of Labeling on Student Performance Jul 2014
Definitions of ‘Dosage’ in Early Childhood Settings Jul 2014
Policies and Tools for Establishing ELL Growth in states using SLOs Jun 2014
Apr 2014
Tracking Progress of Migrant Students Mar 2014
Models of Intervention for Children with Behavior Problems Mar 2014
Refugee Students in School Districts Jan 2014
Critical Thinking Skills of Students with Low Socio-Economic Status Jan 2014
Effects of ELL Reclassification on Student Achievement Jan 2014
Academic Interventions for Students with Elevated Blood Lead Levels Jan 2014
Use of Response to Intervention or Multi-tiered Systems of Support in Determining Special Education Eligibility Nov 2013
Programs for Students with Emotional Disabilities Nov 2013
Pre-School Experiences for K-3 Success Oct 2013
Blending/Braided Funding for Child Care Programs Jul 2013
Curriculum Alignment on the School Level Jun 2013
Learning Communities May 2013
Fact Fluency May 2013
Effects of Charter School Applications on Student Population May 2013
Effectiveness of Small Learning Communities May 2013
State Instructional Time Requirements for English Proficiency May 2013
First Grade Retention and Future Achievement May 2013
Growth in Social and Emotional Development from Pre-school to Third Grade May 2013
Character Education and Student Motivation Apr 2013
Half Day vs. Full Day Kindergarten Policy Discussions Mar 2013
Kindergarten Enrollment Mar 2013
Half Day vs. Full Day Kindergarten Mar 2013
Scheduling Models Mar 2013
ELL Student Achievement Mar 2013
Early Exit for ELL’s Feb 2013
ELL and English Proficiency Feb 2013
Minority Achievement Gap Feb 2013
Bilingual Education Feb 2013
Students with Disabilities and Technical Education Feb 2013
Investment in Early Childhood Education Feb 2013
Early Childhood Partnerships Feb 2013
Service Delivery Feb 2013
QRIS Nationally Dec 2012
States and the QRIS Nov 2012
Headstart and Data Based Decision Making Nov 2012
Cost of Quality Rating and Improvement System Nov 2012
Quality Rating and Improvement System Nov 2012
Early Childhood and Turnaround Efforts Oct 2012
Special Education Students in Bilingual Classes Oct 2012
Full Day Kindergarten and Identification of Special Needs Oct 2012
Academic and Behavior Intervention Systems Aug 2012
Listening Comprehension in ELLs Jul 2012
Readiness Programs Jun 2012
Investing in Early Childhood Education Jun 2012
English Vocabulary for Chinese Students Jun 2012
Technology for ELL students May 2012
Benefits of Early Childhood Programs May 2012
Inclusion Classrooms for Students with Disabilities Apr 2012
RTI and Special Education
State Strategies for the Equitable Distribution of Teachers
Assessments for Refugee Students Without Prior Academic Records
Supplement Reference Desk Response for ELLA
Models of equitable enrichment programs and services
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