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Urban School Improvement Alliance

The Urban School Improvement Alliance helps to build capacity among its local education agency (LEA) members to use and access data to address questions around improving low-performing schools. Members are interested in examining school performance within larger social, organizational, and instructional contexts. View recent publications:’



Disciplinary Data Use and Research: Lessons from Syracuse

Join the Urban School Improvement Alliance in the conversation on using data to inform district and school discipline policies.



The Logic Model Workshop: Building the Capacity of Alliance Members and Others for Effective Program Design and Evaluation

As REL Northeast & Islands at EDC began its work with research alliances in 2012, our staff soon discovered that many district- and state-based alliance members . . .


Syracuse research agenda-setting workshop
REL-NEI researcher Sheila Rodriguez led a research agenda-setting workshop for educators in Syracuse, New York, in November 2014.
Syracuse research agenda-setting workshop
Educators in Syracuse, NY, attended a two-day research agenda-setting workshop led by REL-NEI researcher Sheila Rodriguez in November 2014.
USIA member Ethan Cancell
USIA member Ethan Cancell to the Governing Board in April 2014: “There are very few people in the district who care about research the way you do, so it’s really fantastic when we get together.”
Andrade and Weinberger
Urban School Improvement Alliance members Marco Andrade (left) and David Weinberger talk about the formation of the alliance’s identity at a REL forum in Washington, DC, on Dec. 10, 2013.
REL-NEI researchers Dave Phillips (left) and Anthony Petrosino at a USIA convening in Brockton, Mass., on Nov. 6, 2013.
The USIA core planning group met in Brockton, Mass. on Nov. 6, 2013 to review its research agenda.
USIA member David Perda, Chief Research and Accountability Officer for Worcester Public Schools (left), talks with Institute of Education Sciences Director John Easton on Nov. 6, 2013.
(Clockwise, from left) USIA members David Perda and Ethan Cancell and Institute of Education Sciences Director John Easton on Nov. 6, 2013.

REL Support Team


Anthony Petrosino, PhD

Alliance Facilitator


Jessica Bailey, PhD

Alliance Researcher


Cailean Cooke, MEd

Alliance Researcher

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