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Have a Story to Share?

Do you have a story to tell or a testimonial about the usefulness to you, your colleagues, or institution of a REL Northeast and Islands tool or resource? Did a study, workshop, event, or related project:

  • Build your skills for conducting research or analyzing data
  • Help you to plan a local evaluation or implementation study
  • Increase your use of data as related to or as a result of this project
  • Affect your data collection/storage/analysis systems
  • Lead to a change in a policy or practice at the local or state level
  • Get used in federal research grants and/or other projects
  • Get cited in a publication
  • Get presented at a local, regional, or national conference

Please tell us by filling out the form below. In some cases, we may request your permission to publish the story or testimonial on this website. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The above form does not constitute an official survey. Sharing a testimonial with REL Northeast & Islands is entirely voluntary.

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