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Tools & Resources

Guide to the Competency-Based Learning Survey for Students

REL Northeast & Islands, in partnership with the Northeast College and Career Readiness Research Alliance, developed this survey and accompanying guide to help high schools and districts collect data on student experiences with competency-based learning. Policymakers and practitioners need this information to improve implementation and communication with students.

Survey Methods for Educators Series

REL Northeast & Islands has created a series of three complementary guides that provide an overview of the survey research process designed for educators. The guides address survey development, sampling respondents, survey administration, and analysis and reporting of survey data. 

Discussion Tree Tool Template

This template allows researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to create and share a Discussion Tree to generalize findings from a single research study to their own context. Download the tool and customize the bracketed text for the appropriate state, district, or school context. 

Logic Models for Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation: Workshop Toolkit

This field-tested toolkit introduces program and policy leaders to the fundamentals of logic modeling and program evaluation, providing materials for schools and districts to host a workshop where participants engage in activities to build a logic model on their program or policy.

Toolkit for a Workshop on Building a Culture of Data Use

This field-tested workshop toolkit guides facilitators through a set of structured activities to develop an understanding of how to foster a culture of data use in districts and schools.

Quality Online Resources and Supports for Educators Teaching the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

This report describes numerous online resources aligned to two areas of greatest need described by Northeast educators as they gear up to teach the CCSSM: instructional resources and resources that could be used for teacher professional development. 

Online Professional Development

REL Northeast & Islands offers several opportunities to improve your skills, from data use to logic modeling, via self-paced online courses and Skill-Builder Workshops.

Online Professional Development Workshops

Practitioner Data Use in Schools: Workshop Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources for schools and districts to host a workshop that engages practitioners in a collaborative process to build foundational skills for data-driven inquiry and instructional decision-making. 

College Readiness Data Catalog User Guide

REL Northeast & Islands researchers with the US Virgin Islands College and Career Readiness Research Alliance created a data catalog to identify data elements that could be used in creating a college readiness indicator system. 

Developing a Coherent Research Agenda: Lessons from the REL Northeast & Islands Research Agenda Workshops

The Research Agenda–Setting Workshop assists a group of individuals seeking to establish a set of real and relevant questions to guide research with potential implications for education policy and practice.

English Language Learner Program Survey for School Principals

The English Language Learner Alliance developed this survey to gather information from principals about school ELL programs, policies, practices, and professional development, as well as school-leader knowledge about ELLs.

Early Childhood Educator and Administrator Surveys

The Early Childhood Education Research Alliance developed surveys to collect data on assessment use and the implementation of early learning standards.

Toolkit for Districts Working with External Researchers

This toolkit includes a set of procedures and materials for districts and states to better help them manage data requests from external researchers and encourage them to support district or state research agendas in meaningful ways. 

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