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Support for Puerto Rico: Selecting Appropriate Interventions Workshop

On October 10, 2014, REL Northeast & Islands conducted a workshop in Puerto Rico on how to select appropriate interventions for at-risk students. More than 60 . . .

Ask A REL Reference Desk Webinar on December 3 at 1 p.m.

Learn more about this free Reference Desk Service. Register here. Have you ever gone into a library and asked the Reference Desk librarian to look something up for you? . . .

Visualizing the Creation of a REL Northeast & Islands Research Alliance

Are you curious about how our research alliances formed? Check out this graphic representation of how researchers and practitioners came together to form long-term . . .

English–Spanish Webinar Events Extend REL Reach, Flexibility

One of two major REL Northeast & Islands goals for dissemination is to expand ongoing engagement with education research and data in our region by facilitating . . .

Open to the Region: Symposium for Rural Educators and Researchers on October 30

This Thursday, October 30, the Northeast Rural District Research Alliance (NRDRA) is excited to be hosting a Bridge Event and research symposium at Granite State . . .

REL Northeast & Islands Supports SLO Implementation in Manchester

For the past two years, REL Northeast & Islands teams have been delivering customized data-use workshops to district and school-level audiences across the region. In . . .

Educator Evaluation: What We're Learning from Research!

This is a big week in the Boston area for educator evaluation research and practice. The Northeast Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance at REL Northeast & . . .

Early Childhood Data Use: It’s a Family Affair

Boston, MA — Because of the importance of the early childhood years in educational development, states, districts, and early childhood programs are increasingly . . .