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Early Childhood Research Alliance and Comprehensive Center Meet on Kindergarten Entry Assessments

On July 30, the Early Childhood Education Research Alliance (ECEA) at REL Northeast & Islands and the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO)—one of . . .

Massachusetts Special Educators Learn to Use the Data-Inquiry Cycle

This past April, REL Northeast & Islands delivered two data-use workshops to more than 100 educators at the request of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and . . .

New Hampshire Department of Education Presents REL, NEERA Study at Annual Principals Meeting

On June 24, 2015, New Hampshire Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry and Educator Effectiveness Lead Karen Soule provided the keynote address at the annual . . .

Letter from the Director: New Tools, Varied Formats

A key priority of the current REL contract is to ensure that the research studies we conduct and the analytic support we provide to states and districts are useful and . . .

REL Northeast & Islands and Northeast Comprehensive Center Highlight Educator Effectiveness at the Leveraging Resources Conference

On May 6 in Bethesda, Maryland, Susan Mundry, facilitator of the Northeast Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance (NEERA) at REL Northeast & Islands at EDC, and . . .

REL Study Examines Pilot Implementation of New Teacher Evaluation Systems in NH

Educator evaluation systems are undergoing radical transformation across the country, and the Northeast and Islands Region is no exception. As districts and schools . . .

Study: Credit Recovery Is Key Reason for Online Course Enrollment in New York’s Capital Region

Over the past 15 years, the number of students enrolling in online courses has increased dramatically, and district and states realize that it will be important to . . .

REL Competency-Based Learning Study Finds Common Policy Elements, Needs in Northeast

Published April 16, "Competency-Based Learning: Definitions, Policies, and Implementation" is the first REL Northeast & Islands publication stemming from . . .