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New York

Map of Northeast and Islands showing New YorkNew York is the most populated jurisdiction in the Northeast and Islands Region and has more than 2.6 million public school students—nearly 1 million of them in New York City alone. The state’s 4,500 schools and 700 districts serve perhaps the most diverse student population in the country, representing a multitude of races, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes living in rural, suburban, and urban communities.

In 2010, New York was awarded a nearly $700 million Race to the Top Grant from the US Department of Education to advance reforms that will improve curricular standards and assessments, enhance and complete the state’s longitudinal education data system, redesign educator preparation programs and evaluation systems, and turn around persistently struggling schools. REL-NEI is helping state educators and policymakers with these efforts through projects identified and conducted by several research alliances, including:


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