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Institute of Education Sciences News & Publications

Cost Analyses to Inform Decisions About Program Choices, Budgets, and Strategies
This brief explains how cost analyses can inform decision making in education and what resources exist to help calculate the costs of education programs. . . . [MORE]

IES Announces FY 2018 Education Research and Development Center Grant Competition
The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) announces the Education Research and Development Center Program (84. . . . [MORE]

IES Announces 2018 Special Education Research Grant Competition
The National Center for Special Education Research released funding announcements for the following FY 2018 grant competitions—Special Education Research Grants; Research Training Programs in Special Education; Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Special Education Interventions; and Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Policy and Practice in Special Education. . . . [MORE]

IES Announces 2018 Education Research Grant Competition
The National Center for Education Research has released funding announcements for the following FY 2018 grant competitions—Education Research Grants, Partnerships and Collaborations Focused on Problems of Practice or Policy, and Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Education Interventions. . . . [MORE]

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The mission of the Institute of Education Sciences at the US Department of Education is to provide rigorous and relevant research on which to ground education practice and policy and share this information broadly. By identifying what works, what doesn’t, and why, IES aims to improve educational outcomes for all students, particularly those at risk of failure.

The Regional Educational Laboratories are a project of IES’s National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE), which conducts unbiased, large-scale evaluations of education programs and practices supported by federal funds; provides research-based technical assistance to educators and policymakers; and supports the synthesis and the widespread dissemination of the results of research and evaluation throughout the United States.

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