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Early Childhood Educator and Administrator Surveys


Research Alliance: Early Childhood Education Research Alliance

Overview: When the Early Childhood Education Research Alliance (ECEA) created its research agenda, focusing on standards and assessments in early childhood education, members identified a gap in understanding among states and in the field around assessment use and standards implementation. Because states and jurisdictions lack data about the implementation of standards, the use of assessments, and the infrastructure to support both in early childhood settings, ECEA developed tools to collect and analyze this information.

The Early Childhood Educator Survey and the Early Childhood Administrator Survey allow users to collect consistent data to relate program implementation to child outcomes. The surveys will provide consistent data across the region that REL Northeast & Islands and ECEA can use in new studies to answer research questions such as: “How does standards implementation and/or assessment use relate to program and student outcomes?” Further, the surveys will also help states and jurisdictions collect data to inform policymaking.

Each survey includes three modules: one on educator/administrator background information, one on assessment use, and one on implementing early learning standards. The surveys and modules may be administered together or individually.

View the surveys here.

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Early Childhood Administrator Survey (MS Word)

Early Childhood Educator Survey (MS Word)

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